Zoo World 2 Set for Facebook Says Rock You

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Rock You, makers of Zoo World, have announced that Zoo World 2 is just about ready to go. The follow up to the almost 3 million player-strong social game Zoo World will add on from the first. Zoo World 2While you will still collect animals from all over the world and breed adorable baby animals, Zoo World 2 will offer more interaction with a diverse set of species, deep customization options, and life-like animals.

Animals in Zoo World 2 express their moods in response to gameplay as zookeepers nurture their baby animals through adulthood. The new title also offers more ways for players to creatively design and decorate their own zoos. Whether players want a lush, wild jungle, a natural African savannah, or an Arctic snow setting, the possibilities are endless with the ability to layout paths, fences, water, decorations, exhibits, and more. Players can also lend a helping hand to fellow zookeepers, caring for their animals while they are away.

Zoo World 2 will launch on Facebook on June 8th. Prepare to bring your zoo to life, in the next game in the popular Zoo World franchise!

Exotic species in Zoo WOrld 2

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