Digital Storm`s First Pre-Built Gaming Rig the ODE

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Digital Storm has built its business on letting you build the system you want. Now they’re expanding their offerings into some pre-built systems for those that might not know exactly what they want but know what the need. The ODE will come in four versions ranging from Good to Ultimate with price tags to match.

digital storm ODE top

 The ODE is a dramatic departure from Digital Storm’s legendary and individually customized gaming rigs. Now, PC gamers can easily acquire the best technology without having to select each individual component, as Digital Storm has pre-selected and fully optimized all of the hardware inside the ODE.

Digital Storm has already proven they make great, quality rigs. They’re also showing that even with pre-selected pieces they want to maintain that and give you value for your hard-earned cash. The low-end ODE starts at $1,499 and gives you a powerful platform to get a great gaming experience without SLI thanks to the single NVIDIA GTX 570 1GB, 8GB of RAM and Intel i7 running at 4.5Ghz.

Digital Storm ODE case

For the higher end systems, the liquid cooled 4.7-5.0GHz extreme overclocked Intel i7 2600K processor, dual SLI configuration of two NVIDIA GTX 570’s, and a blazingly fast Intel solid state drive, the ODE delivers the type of fluid smooth graphics gamers drool over.

Digital Storm ODE specs:

Digital storm ODE specs

Each and every ODE is made with the same boutique level quality and care that every Digital Storm system is famous for. The ODE is pre-built and fully loaded with a perfectly balanced configuration that can ship in 72-hours. This means the ODE would get to gamers as quickly as possible so they can take this beast right out of its box, hook-up it up, and begin dominating the competition.

Digital storm ODE internal

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