Geek Chic with Gamer Appeal That Will Get you to the Frag Fest on Time

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Just because we are gamers doesn’t mean we need to wear cheap plastic watches with our favorite superheros on the bright red jelly bands. Oh no friends, we can be both stylish and gamers and Cadence Watch is willing to help us out. Of course, we like to have a touch of the unique in 4bit Cadence chronographeverything we do in a game and spend hours outfitting characters to look exactly how we want them to, so it’s time we do the same in reality.

Cadence Watch is ready to release their 4-Bit Binary Chronograph Watch, a simple and stylish watch that uses 4-Bit binary code to indicate hour markers. Geeky and ’chic-y’ at the same time.

If you are proud to be a geek, this watch reflects that with a sophisticated twist. Not only does it use binary code to make hours it also displays Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the standard time by which the world regulates clocks, time and computer servers so you will always know the time on the mother ship and can easily coordinate with your clanmates, WoW teammates or guild members anywhere on the planet. Hopefully GDN will get to strap one on our wrists and report back to you on just how cool it really is. If we’re lucky, it’ll help us get to all of our E3 meetings on time this year.

4bit chrono face

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