Achron Open Beta Tournament Set to Kick Off Next Week

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Achron is dubbed as the first time travel RTS and it’s set for a Q3 launch on PC, Mac and Linux.achron

Achron enables multiple players to engage in open warfare utilizing real true to life time travel elements. Next week, Achron will begin an open beta tournament,

100 players will be chosen to compete; players can apply via a questionnaire on the Achron website.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm EDT on Friday May 27.

Achron features engaging competitive multiplayer, and an engaging 35 level single player campaign.

Powered by the innovative Resequence Engine, Achron features true to life time travel consequences, paradoxes, and strategy. The time manipulation technology powering Achron is making huge ripples in the serious gaming community, including military, business, and education.


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