Males Outshop Females in Virtual Goods, 9 to 1

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Here’s an interesting bit of research from MocoSpace, who you might remember just graced GDN with an article (The Three Biggest Trends in Mobile Gaming Of 2011).

According to their findings, while men and women make up an almost perfect split of social gamers, men far exceed women in the purchase of virtual goods. I guess we know what we want and go out and get it!

The study revealed that the MocoSpace platform sees nearly equal traffic from men and women: 53% of MocoSpace mobile social gamers are male, and 47% are female. However, men outspend women 9 to 1 on virtual goods. According to the research, 69% of males buy virtual goods, compared to just 31% of females. Furthermore, that 69% of male gamers are responsible for nearly 90% of all virtual goods bought in-game – proving that men really do love to shop, at least when it comes to gaming.

mocospace battle of casual gamer sexes

Male gamers also spend more time playing – but barely. Male gamers spend an average of 21 minutes per day playing MocoSpace’s browser-based social games, while female gamers spend 19 minutes per day. Games on the MocoSpace Games Platform include: Street Wars, Stage Hero, Happy Farm, Blackjack Party, Roulette Party, and The Lost World. The company is seeing over 300,000 monthly active users. 

Mobile social gamers also outpace general social networking users as gamers have on average 50 friends each, while non-gamers have an average of just 18. This data makes gamers the most social, most active segment of MocoSpace’s 17 million member strong community.

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