New Star Trek Online Remastered Episodes – Diplomatic Orders and Doomsday Device

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Diplomatic Orders and Doomsday DeviceStar Trek Online remastered episodes

Rediscover Star Trek Online with these newly enhanced versions of the Diplomatic Orders and Doomsday Device episodes. Whether you’re replaying these episodes or playing through them for the first time, we’ve added some exciting new features that you’re sure to enjoy!

These Remastered Episodes feature:

  • Updated Stories, Cutscenes, and Voice Over
  • A new and exciting conclusion to Doomsday Device
  • New Rewards: Enjoy replaying Leonard Nimoy’s Spock voice over with a new Data Recorder or earn the Hargh’peng Torpedoes in Doomsday Device

We’ve also added new Rewards to our previously released remaster of “Stranded in Space”: the Azura Personal Com Code allows players to access their bank, mail or store from anywhere in the galaxy! You can also pick up a Klingon version, the Vov’wI Personal Com Code, from the Bringing Down the House episode.

Finally, to celebrate the release of these enhanced episodes, we’re offering players limited-time Bonus Emblems during our Remastered Episode Week which runs from May 27 to June 2.

So log in and check out the terrific new features of these Remastered Episodes!

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