World of Battles: Morningstar Open Beta Brings Free-to-Play 3D RTS Action

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With over 100,000 registered players just one week after launch, Frogwares today announced a bonus XP weekend and new trailer for World of Battles: Morningstar, the free-to-play online real-time strategy game (RTS). The trailer shows off the game’s blend of tabletop wargaming and real-time strategy action, with emphasis on in-depth strategy. Customize an army, level up heroes and deploy devastating tactics to crush the competition in a 3D fantasy world. With eight-player multiplayer and nearly 90 unique units, RTS fans should take advantage of the bonus XP weekend. Enlist today at the official World of Battles: Morningstar website:

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World of Battles: Morningstar features balanced play, taking players to a fierce mythical land where they’ll form alliances and engaging in fierce single and multiplayer PvP battles. The nine unique races all play differently, from the savage Barbarians to the treacherous Dark Elves. To win, players maneuver their soldiers with charges, counter-charges, formations, flanking and back attacks, with tactical possibilities for solo players and teams of allies. Victories yield both experience and gold – upgrade fearsome master units with a multitude of weapons, armor, war mounts and magical jewelry.

Dawn of the Morningstar Event
To celebrate the beta’s momentum, Frogwares is hosting the Dawn of the Morningstar Event. This weekend (Saturday June 4th – Sunday June 5th) all players will receive 150% Gold and XP rewards from battles, so everyone can progress 50% faster. Frogwares also unveiled the new gem store and subscription option which can help hardcore players get a leg up on the competition.

World of Battles: Morningstar features:

Kill with Skill

– 50+ line units and 30+ master units let players customize their army with powerful formations.


Console-Caliber Production

– Unholy warriors battle in full 3D on a range of lush backdrops amid bone-crushing sound effects.


Single Player Challenges

– Single player missions from your personal advisor give players rewards while training them for multiplayer and PvP.


8 Player Multiplayer

– Go it alone or team up with three others for intense player-versus-player deathmatch.


Learn the Ropes

– Lengthy tutorial teaches the basics, while an intelligent AI helper can assist with attacks in the heat of battle.


Seamless Interface

– From army management to the HUD, it’s easy to maintain effortless control during battle.


Dive Into Battle

– find equally-matched opponents in less than a minute with just one click.

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