Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Heroic Mode and Severing System Details

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What are Heroic Mode and the Severing System?

  • In support of the brutal nature of war-torn Middle-earth, and the mature approach being LOTR war in the north game system detailstaken, the game features a “Heroic Mode” and “Severing System,” which allows for intense assaults on enemies after chaining attacks. After stringing together single attacks, the enemy will prompt the party for a critical strike. When the player pulls off the strike he has now entered Heroic Mode. In this mode, player attacks will reap much more damage, including severing enemy limbs, decapitating foes, etc.

  • While in Heroic Mode you also earn your player additional experience points by building a “hit streak”, performing critical strikes, and striking opponents as a team. All of this supports the RPG gameplay elements by allowing you to further customize your character and weapons.

  • In addition, the damage of a critical strike is now upgraded to use our authentic directional severing system which is applied to the limbs.

    • The “sever” takes place at the point of impact flinging the limb in the direction of your attack.

    • The attack is fluidly linked into from your previous attack.

    • Arms, legs, and heads are all fair game.

What does the Severing System add to the gameplay?

  • The severing system really allows us to deliver on our promise of taking players to a fully realized, darker side of Middle-earth. Of course, as an Action/RPG supporting 3 player co-op, with severed limbs and finishing moves part of the experience, it also delivers those awesome “did that just happen?!” moments that are such a fun part of playing with friends.

What does Heroic Mode add to gameplay?

  • By tying heroic mode into the leveling systems we have created a cycle for rewarding proficiency at combat. The better you get at combat, the faster your character levels up. The more your character levels up, the better he gets at combat by unlocking new moves and skills. This spiral is a core component of our combat gameplay.

Why is it important for the combat to be so visceral in the game?

  • As we’ve mentioned before, a real touch point for the development of the game is a quote from Gandalf – “With his far-reaching right hand, Sauron may have done great evil in the North. Yet all of that has been averted because a handful of heroes stood in his path.” The Fellowship of three has the weight of Middle-earth on their shoulders – they are not out on adventure, they are at war. We wanted it understood the sacrifice the Fellowship is making and peril that the fellowship is in – as well as the heart with which they fight.

  • Violence is one way to make a player feel more powerful, and being able to have combat like what J.R.R. Tolkien wrote within the game allows us to create something closer to the books.

  • J.R.R. Tolkien himself showed both the heroism of his characters and the danger they were in through violence, throughout the story. We’re trying to stay true to that aspect of the books: that war is a brutal, horrible thing, but sometimes it’s necessary to do violence in order to save what you love.

  • Additionally, as befitting a game based on the LOTR universe, the story is a very important part of the game. Players are encouraged to play together; they cannot advance if anything happens to one of their Fellowship members, so players will have a greater tie to their team making brutal take- down of enemies that much more gratifying.

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