Global Agenda Gets Jet Packs in Dome City

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After the successful free-2-play turn over of Global Agenda, Hi-Res Studios decided to reward players and so in the next patch, jet packs will come to Dome City!

Global agenda jet packs in dome city

The shooter MMO Global Agenda made the free-2-play transition earlier this month and has experienced dramatic population gains with daily new account creation more than tripling since the announcement.  All of Global Agenda’s current playable content is available at no cost, but there are optional services and items available for purchase in-game.  One purchasable item type is a Booster - which currently grants double end-of-mission xp, credits & tokens, an additional end-of-mission loot drop, and 2000 automatic tokens daily.   

With the next point release, currently planned for Friday, June 3rd, Boosted players will gain the ability to fly within Dome City for as long as that Booster is active on the account.

“One of Global Agenda’s coolest features is definitely the jetpack!”, says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. “But we never allowed flying within Dome City itself... until now.  Our dev team is very excited to introduce this new feature in appreciation of our Boosted players.   Now that players can access the upper deck of Dome City we plan to release some penthouse level content in future updates.”


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