iRacing 2.0 Feature Roll Out Schedule

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Some new features are rolling out over at and we’ve got a sort of loose schedule of the major features that they’re working on getting out to online racing fans.iRacing 2.0 new features

New this Spring:

  • Early preview of Dave Kaemmer’s new tire model available on the new NASCAR Nationwide car (June 2011).
  • Launch of in-game awards program – over 50 different participation awards members can earn.
  • Night racing on road courses using headlights beginning with Sebring International Raceway and the V8 Supercar, Mazda MX5 Cup & Roadster, Corvette C6.R, Riley Daytona Prototype, Pontiac Solstice, VW Jetta TDI Cup and Mustang Challenge race cars.
  • New NASCAR “Nationwide” stock car – race the car you watch on Saturdays.
  • Okayama International Circuit (Japan) – the first of several tracks from the island nation.
  • New telemetry output for the data hungry racers.
  • Private league racing enhancements including: reduced pricing, advanced scheduling, new race session options and additional grid spots to virtually every track.
  • Graphic and shader upgrades in-game for more lifelike visuals.
  • Complete graphical overhaul of the Skip Barber FSB2000 race car – updating our first car to current standards.
  • Opening practice sessions to all license levels (excluding Pro Series).
  • Enhanced pitting and damage repair for all cars.
  • Preferred/custom car numbers.
  • Improved accuracy of the model of physical track surface to match the laser scanned data better than ever before.

August 2011:

  • New Tire Model for all cars.
  • Enhanced aero model for improved drafting and more realistic downforce characteristics.
  • Heat/Tournament racing for private leagues/sessions.
  • Driver aids available for private leagues and Rookie series (ABS brakes, traction control, driving line, steering aids, etc.).
  • Enhancements of new sound system.
  • Endurance racing and driver swaps.
  • Suzuka Circuit (Japan).
  • Iowa Speedway (USA)
  • Ford GT race car.
  • Honda LMP ARX-01C race car.
  • Live pop-up chat on member site.
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