New Halo Action Figures Readying for Orbital Drop

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HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED PLAY ARTS -KAI- MASTER CHIEF (Envisioned by Square Enix Products) is an original take on Master Chief based on the iconic character from Halo: Combat Evolved. The beloved character is re-imagined with sleek lines common to the sci-fi style, iconic of other Square Enix products. While the characteristics of Master Chief remain true to the original video game, the added details and minor alterations result in delicately crafted parts with unmatched realism. The robust build adds a sense of fictional reality and massiveness present in Japanese sci-fi entertainment.

new HALO action figures coming

In addition to HALO: COMBAT EVOLVED PLAY ARTS -KAI- MASTER CHIEF, Square Enix Products is scheduled to also release a limited edition SPARTAN MARK V (Black). Both figures are slated for a late 2011 release.

They are supposed to be at E3 so GDN will get some images and more detailed info when we are there.

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