Razer to Produce New Gear in BF3, DA2 and ME3 Lines

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Razer and EA are strengthening their partnership with all new gear in some of EA’s major franchises: Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II.Razer teams with EA again

For these exclusive EA licensed product lines, Razer will produce a unique array of gaming weaponry: headsets, mice, mouse mats, keyboards, Xbox 360 controllers, bags and accessories. Whether the gritty militaristic detail of Battlefield 3 or the cosmic artistry of Mass Effect 3, gamers will enjoy each unique Razer product’s features that tie in to the game’s design while getting the absolute competitive edge provided by the world’s best gaming technology.

 Razer anticipates the range of exclusive EA licensed product lines to be released in conjunction with their respective game titles. So that means either they’ve been working on them for some time, or they’re literally going to slap art on pre-existing pieces. Since DA2 is already out they must be talking about the other two here.

Mike Oliver will have all the details from his visit with Razer and his thoughts on Battlefield 3 (which we got in to see and he played a round of).

If you head over to their site you can see some of the DA2 and BF3 gear.

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