Legend of Immortals Closes Around 5,000 Bot Accounts

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In early June, 2011, Shanda Games realized that lots of accounts in their MMO Legend of Immortals were exploiting a design flaw that allowed bots to be used in order to replay a specific quest and horde virtual currency. This in turn started to affect the in-game economy of some of their servers and inflation resulted.Shanda Games

Within 24 hours, Shanda Games had corrected the design flaw and closed approximately 5,000 accounts that held a majority of the virtual gold coins obtained through the design flaw. The Company believes that following these corrective actions, the gamer base is stable and the in-game economy for "Legend of Immortals" is at an appropriate level for a game of its magnitude.

As is consistent with almost all releases of major titles in China, Shanda Games continues to fight cheating programs for "Legend of Immortals." Shanda Games’ powerful anti-robot technology has detected and closed over 180,000 robot accounts since the commencement of open beta testing. The Company’s prompt and effective anti-cheating measures were welcomed by users and are a necessary step to ensure the longevity of the game.

"Legend of Immortals" is a 2.5D fantasy MMORPG developed in-house by Shanda Games that was adapted from the immensely popular novel "Legend of Immortals" (also known as "Xing Chen Bian" in Chinese), which attracted a vast reader base across Asia. The game has been licensed to South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam for operation as well.

Shanda Games anticipates releasing a new expansion pack with enhanced features and play mode, as well as additional new elements, in the third quarter of 2011 and is confident in the future prospects of "Legend of Immortals".

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