The Cryptic Decryption – Star Trek and Champions Online Updates

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Cryptic might have changed hands, but the games are still being supported and so we bring you another week of updates from Champions and Star Trek Online. Power up, set phasers to stun and beam us down, we’re ready to throw down with some bad guys.

Champions Online Deals and Updates

Thrifty Travel Sale!

Looking to add another way to zip around in-game? Take 50% off all Travel Powers in the C-Store from now until June 16, 10 AM (PDT).

Aftershock Issue 2 Now Live

Issue 2: “Hang On” from our new Comic Series is now in-game and available to play for free!

Continue the adventure and get closer to finding out what’s really going on at Camp Lantern, all the while earning special Comic Series Rewards and Drops as you play.

Visit the Comic Series info page to learn more.

Harajuku Costume Set & Emotes

Take a fashion leap forward with the new Harajuku Girl Costume! The set also includes two new Harajuku Emotes, “Peace Sign” and “Harajuku Girl Wave.”

Available to unlock now in the C-Store.

If you’re interested in becoming a Gold Member, please visit the online store.

See you soon in Millennium City!

Star Trek Online Deals and Updates

Play Now

Slots Special!

Looking to expand your characters’ wardrobe or increase your crew’s numbers? Maybe you’d like to add that new Fighter to your cadre of ships, but just don’t have the space? Take 50% off extra Character, Costume, Ship and Bridge Officer Slots in the C-Store from now until June 16, 10 AM (PDT).

New Jupiter Costume Pack

Our most versatile costume pack yet is available to unlock now in the C-Store! The Federation Jupiter Costume Pack includes a mix-and-match set of five jackets, five pant options, a belt and boots to dress your characters to the nines in sleek 25th century style.

Also, be sure to look for the Caitian and Aenar Bridge Officers in next week’s C-Store update. Take advantage of this week’s 50% Discount on Bridge Officer Slots before it’s too late!

Buy Star Trek Online

To purchase Star Trek Online, please visit the online store

See you in the Alpha Quadrant!




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