Three Anonymous Members Arrested in Spain in Connection with Sony Website Attacks

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According to reports, three Spanish hackers who were the leaders of their local Anonymous cels were apprehended by police. The hackers were said to have been involved in the Playstation Image courtesy of Forbes BlogNetwork intrusion that caused the service to be offline for much of a month. Reports also say that the servers found in the apartment were used for various other hacking intrusions including some Spanish banks.

However, there was no actual proof provided as of yet and there was not a statement put out about the contents of those servers or if personal information from PSN users had been found on anything in the police raid. Which of course is because they misspoke in their first statement.

A recent update to the story has the police now stating that the arrestees were responsible for attacks on Sony websites but were not linked to the PSN attack. Typical sensationalist reporting and statement making on the part of the police. Perhaps next time, when a raid of this type is done, they will figure out exactly who they are going after and for what prior to them putting out a statement.

The hacktivists were arrested in three cities in Spain, Barcelona, Almeria and Valencia. This could, if they weren’t careful enough, lead to further arrests if the police manage to get anything from the servers.

Let that be a lesson to would-be hackers. Always have an auto-destroy setup for your servers, just in case of police raid.

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