Wizard 101 Mega Bundle Comes with Pre-paid Card

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If you’re looking for something for your children to do that isn’t gory, violent and beyond their scope, Wizard 101 might be the perfect thing to look into, plus KingsIsle Entertainment just announced a new packaging option which could really give them a good start in the game and get a lot of value for the money.Wizard 101 mega bundles

KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the award-winning online game Wizard101, today announced that a new and exclusive Mega Bundle prepaid game card is now available at GameStop stores across the country. The company also revealed that Wizard101 prepaid game cards are available in over 45,000 retail stores in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and that the program is poised to grow further, domestically and internationally, over the next several months.

In addition to launching the new Mega Bundle prepaid game card, KingsIsle will be expanding its game card program this fall to include major retailers across Canada, as well as increasing the number of domestic retail locations in which its game cards are sold.

The new Mega Bundle prepaid game card is available immediately at GameStop stores across the country and includes the following in-game items:

  • Massive Sultan’s Palace
  • Flying Carpet Mount
  • Mystical Genie in a Lamp
  • Magical Casting Flute
  • Snake in a Basket Pet
  • 1 Month Membership OR 5000 Crowns

Priced at $39, the Wizard101 Mega Bundle includes in-game items and currency valued at over $100.

Wizard101 is a multi-player adventure game designed to be easy-to-learn and fun for kids and adults of all ages. And because the game is designed to encourage social activity and interaction among the players, it’s a great form of entertainment for families. If you have always wondered what types of video games your kids like to play, here’s your chance to find out…and enjoy it!


In the "My Accounts" account management settings we have included Parental Controls which allow the parent to set a password that only you know, which restricts access to your credit card information. These Parental Controls also allow you to manage your child’s account settings such as the ability to chat with other players.

We encourage all parents to enable the Parental Control Password as it will prevent your child from making purchases without your knowledge. 


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