Washable, Eco-Friendly, Waterproof Bags for Your Portable Gaming Gear

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We care about the Earth here at GDN. We use very little paper, power down everything and unplug when not in use and generally try to reduce waste and excessive use whenever possible. So it’s cool to see that others are doing the same in their products.

Re-pac bags for gaming gear and moreRe-Pac dropped us some notes on some of their Everything Bags that are all sorts of resistant (mold-mildew-water-stain-leak), washable and er, made of polyester and nylon. Well, at least you can re-use them indefinitely and keep all your gear organized and safe while you’re on the go. Plus, if they’re resilient enough, you won’t have to keep buying new bags for gear and they’re made right in the US (if you’re an American that should be important).

Check out the designs and info below.

Re-Pac Everything Bags are eco-friendly washable mold-mildew-water-stain-leak resistant dishwasher-safe bags made from 100% polyester on the outside and 100% nylon on the inside. They won’t leak or tear and safely protect whatever goes inside, from food to pens to video game accessories. Equally impressive, they’re made in the United States and are guaranteed for life.

Originally, the bags were designed specifically to hold and protect food and perishables. However, other uses quickly emerged such as:

  • Organizing Video Game Accessories
  • Electronics & Gadgets
  • Game Cartridges
  • Controllers
  • Extra Cables
  • Memory Cards

GDN is trying to get a couple to check out, review, giveaway, etc. So if you need some stylish carry bags for your gear, keep an eye out here or check out www.re-pacbags.com

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