Neverwinter is the Focus This Year at GenCon

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By now, if you’re a fan of Dungeons & Dragons you know that Neverwinter is being worked on over at Cryptic Studios and that means it should be pretty awesome. But that’s not all that’s going on in one of the most popular cities in D&D history. NEverwinter

Wizards of the Coast is also pushing the city this year at GenCon which takes place in Indianapolis, August 4-7th.

This year, Wizards of the Coast is taking Dungeons & Dragons fans back to the iconic, fan-favorite city of Neverwinter with a robust offering of Neverwinter-related products and programs. Gen Con attendees will find themselves fully immersed in the city with hundreds of gaming sessions in the Sagamore Ballroom, a life-sized encounter in the Wizards booth, and the largest Dungeons and Dragons event of the year, D&D Neverwinter Game Day, taking place on Saturday. Fans will also get the chance to experience Neverwinter by participating in the first-ever “mass adventure” happening throughout the show with a chance to earn fun prizes and swag items. A full schedule of seminars and special guests is also planned, including New York Times Best-Selling author R.A. Salvatore.

Wizards makes Gen Con the place to be for Magic: The Gathering fans, too. Players of all skill levels will have plenty to see and do throughout the weekend, including watching the best competitors in the country battle for the championship in the U.S. Nationals Tournament. A full schedule of events will also be running around the clock in the TCG Hall with Magic 2012 MiniMasters, Commander format events, Championship events for Block, Legacy and Vintage, and many more. Additionally, attendees can try their hand at the latest digital release from Wizards, Magic: The Gathering –Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012.

In regards to the Cryptic Studios game, it’s not an MMO, but a PC-only co-op adventure.

Experience the Forgotten Realms like never before. Based on Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, this PC-only adaptation draws upon and expands the Neverwinter franchise into a story-based, co-op multiplayer experience. Coming in 2011.

Neverwinter represents a departure from Cryptic’s MMOG focus. Rather, Neverwinter is designed on a story-driven, fun first philosophy. Rather than sacrifice quality for massive scale, Neverwinter’s team remains heavily focused on delivering a complete experience that captures traditional D&D gameplay yet takes advantage of modern PC technology to create an elaborate, immersive world.

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