DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY Gets a Pile of Downloadable Content

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It seems that Square Enix has been holding out on fans of Dissia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy (far too long to type more than once in an article) as they have just announced a great big pile of downloadable content for the game. Each pack is priced at $1 (99 cents technically) and the dissidiapacks offer a wide range of new content. Some of them were free pack-ins with game purchases as noted below.

Now Available DLC

  • Aerith    Assist Character      Free with purchase of DISSIDIA duodecim prologus FINAL FANTASY
  • Lightning: Aya Brea            Costume     Voucher: Pack-in with The 3rd Birthday
  • Warrior of Light: Nameless Warrior      Costume       Free at the PlayStation Store
  • Cecil: Knight of the Twin Moon         Costume             Voucher: Pack in with FINAL FANTASY IV: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION
  • FINAL FANTASY IV (3 tracks)                      BGM Pack                               
  • FINAL FANTASY (5 tracks)                          BGM Pack                               
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII (5 tracks)                     BGM Pack                               
  • Zidane: Marcus’s Cloak                               Costume                                  
  • Kuja: Treno Nobleman                                 Costume                                  
  • FINAL FANTASY IX (3 tracks)                      BGM Pack                               
  • Sephiroth: KINGDOM HEARTS Gear            Costume                                  
  • Laguna: Sorceress’s Knight                         Costume                                  
  • FINAL FANTASY VII (3 tracks)                      BGM Pack                               
  • FINAL FANTASY VIII (3 tracks)                     BGM Pack                               
  • Yuna: Gunner Dressphere                            Costume                                  
  • Vaan: Pirate’s Garb                                     Costume                                  
  • FINAL FANTASY X (3 tracks)                       BGM Pack                               
  • FINAL FANTASY XII (3 tracks)                      BGM Pack                               
  • The Emperor: Emperor of Arubboth             Costume                                  
  • Onion Knight: Ingus                                     Costume                                  
  • FINAL FANTASY II (3 tracks)                        BGM Pack                               
  • FINAL FANTASY III (3 tracks)                       BGM Pack                               
  • Bartz                                                           Avatar                                      
  • Chaos                                                         Avatar                                      
  • Cloud of Darkness                                      Avatar                                      
  • Cosmos                                                      Avatar                                      
  • Garland                                                       Avatar                                      
  • Kain                                                            Avatar                                      
  • Lightning                                                     Avatar                                      
  • Tifa                                                          Avatar                                      
  • Ultimecia                                                     Avatar                                      
  • Warrior of Light                                           Avatar                                      

The remaining DLC schedule will be announced at a later time. For more information visit the official website:



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