eDragon Browser MMO Start Open Beta

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KickGame dropped some news that they have opened their browser-based MMO eDragon to the masses for open beta testing.  the races of eDragon

The browser RPG eDragon (http://edragon.klickgame.com ), which allows players to explore, adventure, and quest in the fantasy world. Whether adventuring together or fighting alone against monsters, players are able to play eDragon for free with no download required.

Players testing Edragon in the closed beta will be rewarded with prizes and Gold, which are worth $ 50. Also Klick game opens three events for all players in the present server – Levelup Racing, Imaginative Story Writing, and Newbie help.    

More events are scheduled to be open in next following days, giving users a free chance to taste eDragon, including all playable races, newbie package, free Gold, PvP Duels and plenty of zones and dungeons to explore.


  • Become part of the history of eDragon and create your own story in the fantastic world
  • Join guilds in order to combat dangers and hazards that threaten humans for centuries.
  • Team up with other players to brawl dungeons, which are populated by creatures and monsters
  • Engage in PVP and Challenge other players in the arena
  • Go hunting and gathering enough material for your next raid and weapon crafting.
  • And much more, you have the choice!
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