Alter Aeon MUD Remains Fresh with New Expansion

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Many of you don’t remember a time when a MUD was the best MMO gaming in town, but others, like myself, remember it fondly. It was a simpler time, when art was ASCII and only had eight Alter Aeon Sticks to the Old school with ASCII artcolors. While many gamers have hopped on HD, 3D and 7.1 surround sound, others have stuck to the old ways and continue to play those old ASCII art-based games of old. Alter Aeon is one of those games and has been in continuous operation for 16 years.

The interface is a bit better than the old stuff and it’s now playable in a dedicated client instead of a command line dial up interface or via a BBS like we used to use back in the late 80s to mid-90s (I know, ancient history and gibberish).

Alter Aeon still remains true to the ASCII and text foundations but still keeps the game fresh with updates. Today, they have announced their latest, a summertime expansion that will offer a wide range of additions.

This expansion raises the maximum player level to 35 and adds new spells and skills to each of the available character classes. In addition, the official Alter Aeon client now includes native audio support, bringing a new level of immersion to the game.

Some of the new abilities added with this expansion allow for storing magic in items for later use, safe reconaissance of nearby areas, and creating temporary safe havens. Necromancers will benefit from the ability to bind soulstones to weapons and armor. Fighter classes, in addition to new combat skills, will also benefit for the first time from the addition of skill boosting items.

This update also includes enhancements to the game’s outstanding support for blind and visually impaired players. In addition to general usability improvements, Alter Aeon now supports exporting raw game data in a format directly usable by soundpack creators and the general visually impaired community.

alter aeon complete client interface

 Add options to the ’quest’ command to see quests grouped by location. Minor reorg and improvement of help pages on web server.


From Void:

Level 35 is now open and available for players to train.  The new
skills included with this expansion are:

Mage - the ’store’ and ’tap’ skills, allowing spells to be stored into equipment for later use.

Cleric - ’hallowed ground’, used to create temporary recall sites.

Thief - ’scout’, used by thieves to safely look ahead, even into dark or otherwise obscured exits.

Warrior - ’blood rage’, an extension of the berserker skills used to temporarily raise hitpoints in battle.

Necromancer - ’soulbind’, allowing soulstones to be bound to teeth forged bone armor, shields, and blades.

In addition, two new item effects have been added - THIEF_SKILL_LEVEL, and WARRIOR_SKILL_LEVEL, which complement the cast level effects of the spellcasting classes.

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