Pangya Global Cup Tournament Announced

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Today marks the start of The Shuffle Royal Tournament, the first in a series of Pangya Global Cup tournaments. In addition to the tournament winnings, players can win tokens and exchange them for additional prizes through the new tournament website. Players may visit the newly launched pangya global cupPangya Global Cup website for up-to-date tournament information or to participate in the first event. The website is accessible at:

This week also marked the birthday of Cecilia, the captain of the battleship cruiser Silvia. While Cecilia is reaching her late twenties and would rather keep her age under wraps, players can celebrate her birthday with a shopping spree: Cecilia’s outfits are on sale for 30 percent off, while special items such as Birthday Comets are available in the Pangya Shop. Fans can also participate in the Cecilia Birthday Challenge, where they will win a random Cecilia Mask when completing 50, 100 and 150 holes in Pangya through the end of the event on June 29, 2011.

For more information about Pangya and this month’s events, visit the official website at

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