GamersGate – New Releases – 29 June 2011

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Just four titles or so are new on GamersGate today but it’s four that you might not have heard about yet so they might be some interesting alternatives to what you are used to playing.Gamersgate new releases 29-06-11

Astral Towers

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Astral Towers, is a online turn-based card game. In Astral Towers players will have to summon creatures, buildings, make enchantments and cast spells in order to defeat opponent. Each player uses five magical elements during a duel - Fire, Ice, Nature, Death and Craft. In Astral Towers players will be able to play: Scenario game, Online duels, Duels against AI and Hot-seat.

Really Big Sky

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Really Big Sky is a proper, red-blooded, co-op enabled, mind melting, eye bursting, arcade inspired space shoot ’em up! Play with up to 3 buddies as you blast your way through the universe leaving nothing but destruction in your wake as you plough through waves of bad aliens!

Be the Hero

Can you save [your planet] from utter annihilation? Of course you possibly could, especially when you’re armed to the teeth with gloriously overpowered weaponry! They’ve given you a really splendid spaceship and they’re not expecting it back.


  • 7 fleshed out game modes
  • Procedurally generated gameplay
  • Giant, dynamic bosses
  • 15 enemies
  • 4 Player Co-op
  • Perk and powerup system
  • Full narration from a cheeky cockney AI
  • Full tutorial
  • Fly through gas giants
  • Smash through solid planets and asteroids
  • Comprehensive stat and performance recording system
  • Online highscores for each game mode
  • Fight back with own stock of secret, overpowered weapons
  • Loads of unusual gameplay altering events from blackholes to wormholes
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support

Versailles II - Testament of the King

Posted: 29 Jun 2011 12:00 AM PDT

After A game of Intrigue at the Court of Louis XIV, Cryo, the Château of Versailles and the Réunion des musées nationaux present the second part of the most prestigious of historical adventures.

Versailles, 1700: the affair causing a stir throughout the Kingdom of France and all of Europe is the Spanish succession. Who will King Charles II name in his will as heir to his innumerable possessions?

It is at this point that Charles-Louis de Farevolles turns up at the Court of Louis XIV, with neither influence at Court nor money. He is, however, armed with the ambition to become a diplomat, in the hope of being sent specifically to Spain, where he yearns to be reunited with the maiden Elvira, his childhood sweetheart.

Taking on the role of this character, you must enter the Court and acquire its customs. You will need to choose your allies, unfurl plots involving spies and courtiers, and, in the words of the Minister for Foreign Affairs; be prepared to perform innumerable services!

  • A passionate adventure created on the basis of real events in a perfectly reconstructed period environment.
  • A new graphics engine with 3D photo-realistic modeling, enabling total and natural immersion in the story.
  • Real characters from the Court – and Louis XIV himself – with whom it is necessary to converse in order to progress through the game.
  • Visual, dynamic, and sound effect that add realism to the adventure.
  • Puzzles to be solved, situations to be reversed, webs of intrigue to untangle...
  • Lavish and varied décor: the Château, the Grande Ecurie, and above all, the gardens, with their undergrounds passages and gushing fountains, including some reconstruction of marvel no longer intact today.
  • Games that were actually practiced at the Court of the Sun King integrated into the adventure (lansquenet, mail...)
  • An information space directly linked to the game, allowing knowledge to be enriched and details about Castle and Court life to be discovered.
  • An orchestra of 25 musicians directed by the harpsichordist Skip Sempé, who has specially recorded more than an hour of music for the game (works by Lully, Marin Marais, Couperin, Campra...)

A Vampire Romance Extended Edition PC

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Live a forbidden love story in Paris !

Leïla Saraostre, a young foreigner, moves in a famous parisian neighbourhood, Montmartre, to study at the art school of the Louvre. There she meets Uriel Ruthven, a young and enigmatic man. She quickly falls in love. He takes her around and makes her discover the bright city, Paris, before disappearing mysteriously... Discover Uriel’s strange secret!

A THRILLING ADVENTURE : After the sudden disappearance of Uriel, Leila will do her best to find him. She will even venture in the darkness of the catacombs... The secret they hide turn out to be more than dangerous. To discover the end of the story, play alternately Leïla then Uriel !

USEFUL HINTS : Use the Hint: a shiny halo helps you to find one of the objects. No more hints? Not enough time? Find the bonus stars hidden in the scenes to get more hints or time!

MAGNIFICIENT SETS : Examine different famous places in Paris: the subway, the banks of the Seine, Montmartre neighbourhood, the Champs Elysées, the Père Lachaise cemetery, the Trocadero gardens, the catacombs, etc.

CONTENT : Interactive inventory - Parallax - Dynamic and animated game play - Numerous places to investigate - Various mini-games: puzzles, matching game... - 2 Game modes: classic or timed - Help : zoom, hints, bonus stars - Incredible high definition graphics - Bonus game play

In : PC

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