Atlantica Update Brings Forth Valkyrie and New Summer Events

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The great Valkyrie mercenary Morrighan has made her triumphant debut this week to Atlantica Online, the real-time strategy MMO from Nexon.the valkyrie descends from the heavens to kick your face in

Defended by the heavens, the Valkyrie can use the power granted to her by the gods to imbue her sword with holy energy, increasing allies’ attack speeds, which provides players with a keen competitive edge in battle. While her defensive capabilities are high enough to put her in the front lines, her essential skills ‘Odin’s Chain’ and ‘Quickening’ also gives her a place in an offensive-based formation while simultaneously supporting the rest of the party. The versatility she offers in most builds will allow her to be useful on both offensive and defensive fronts. But players should make no mistake, when all hope is lost, she may be the one mercenary that will bring the situational victory they’ve been looking for.

For the first time ever, the mercenary will be given away to players for free simply by participating in the June update event dungeon. Players who help Dr. Gon vanquish the Evil King J and free the Valkyrie from his mighty throes will receive her free of charge.  Additionally, through the brand new Colosseum League, players can experience a faster and simpler mode of competition that utilizes different mercenary formations which require players to focus more on strategy than brute strength or upgraded equipment. Players looking to test their strategic skills against other players should head to the Colosseum at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. PST each day. Only then will they be able to wage battle as part of the Colosseum League, where mercenaries’ abilities like Accuracy and Evasion will be key to winning the battle.

Players looking to level up quickly and receive unique in-game items should be on the lookout for the Festival of Valhalla, Atlantica Online’s major summer event. From June 28 – August 9, players can participate in several in-game events, including a Fourth of July celebration that awards players with special Independence Day decorative items.  To celebrate, players will be able to share in the festivities with an Independence Day feast.

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