Disney Confirms Closure of Black Rock Studio

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Another sad day in gaming as yet another fine development studio gets the axe from cost-conscious parent company. This time it’s black Rock Studio and Disney respectively.

Black Rock Studio developed Pure and Split/Second but that apparently wasn’t interesting enough to keep them open in Disney’s eyes and so the axe has fallen. This is in addition to a prevous downsize that was aimed at seeing the studio only work on one project at a time. black rock studio closed

Some controversy surrounds the studio’s closure with alleged reports of Disney mistreating the studio, not giving them projects that ended up being outsourced and not properly marketing the projects already developed.

I have to say, there was a lot of marketing for both Pure and Split/Second, but not the 75% of the budget which is EA’s method. That should have meant more money to make the games but apparently not enough to keep the studio in work.

Since the initial layoffs many former employees have gone to or started new studios like Roundcube Entertainment and ShortRound Games.

"Disney Interactive Studios confirms that Black Rock Studios’ current project has not been greenlit for further development, consequently the company informed employees yesterday of the intent to enter a consultation process on the proposal to close the studios.” according to GamesIndustry.biz.

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