How to Gain Power in Operation Gamma 41 Through Might and Love

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Commanders are the backbone of any army and like much of Operation Gamma 41, the browser based strategy role-playing game fromn Just a Game, careful strategy must be implemented to get the most out of a player’s soldiers.operation gamma 41

Every time a player’s Commander levels, the player will have a choice between a maximum level up (giving the maximum skill points) or a random level up, which gives a random number of skill points between one and the max for that level.  These excess points unclaimed during the random level up are used in another fashion to strengthen players’ generals at higher levels, so using the random function is an important option.

In addition to levels, each Commander has a star rating, up to a maximum of 5; increasing the star rating rewards the players large bonuses, but at a serious risk: it costs both Warsoul Medals and cash, and it can fail and cost the player the stars they have already acquired.  Players can avoid this by using a Medal of Passion, or double their odds by employing a Lucky Medal.

The final way to improve a player’s Commanders is with the Marriage System.  Two generals are combined together to create a single, more experienced officer.  This is the perfect way to increase a general’s Valor, a pivotal stat in combat, and the new officer will begin anew
at level 1.  Use unclaimed points from the random level up to increase the two officers’  compatibility to get the full value of Valor! OG41’s Commander system has a depth not seen in other games and sets it apart from the myriad of army games available.  Experimentation is the
key, as increasing number of generations can benefit from the marriage system and breed a new strength into a player’s army.

Players of Operation Gamma 41 will find themselves in the year 1941 when the world is mired in war and players must strategically help to decide the outcome. By administering the  development and protection of a newly established base, they take over control of allied or axis
units. But it’s not all maintenance, this is war and enemy troops are at the players’ heels.  Depending on the chosen side the player will face death squadrons, sabotage, rebel, and special ops units.  Base commanders can join forces and capture new territories as well as
defend their own as a team.

Additionally, high command will contact officers and send them on top secret special missions. These include different kinds of challenges: sneaking into the enemy’s base and stealing construction plans, capturing scientists or destroying strategic production facilities. Finally, just as the war seems at its end, a third force enters the world stage.

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