New Ms. Splosion Man Trailer Kicks Off Release Day

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Twisted Pixel is up to their old tricks and Ms. Splosion Man splodes onto XBLA today, so they thought it was a good time for a new trailer.Ms Splosion Man goes pinball

 Ms. Splosion Man releases today on Xbox LIVE Arcade, but amongst the joy comes the sudden announcement that her TMS could strike at any moment.  TMS, or Title Managed Storage, is a special feature of the Xbox LIVE service that allows Twisted Pixel to present free extra Challenges for the players on a regular basis.  These week-long Challenges appear off of the Main Menu and take a level from the game and give it special rules and new content.  There’s no predicting the effects of TMS, you just have to adapt to the new rules and do your best to survive until the end.

Leaderboards created especially for these TMS challenges rank players on their success at playing the level.

Worried that you’ll miss the signs of Ms. Splosion Man’s approaching TMS?  Not to worry, the brand new version of launches today, with a wealth of information on story, character bios, game information, and everything you need to know about the next TMS challenge.  Free downloadable extras like wallpapers, game soundtrack, and the Ms. Splosion Man development blog are all available there as well.

Ms. Splosion Man has garnered rave reviews in the days leading up to her release and follows the adventures of Ms. Splosion Man as she splodes her way free of Big Science and out into the world.  Featuring 50 single-player levels and a separate 50 level multiplayer campaign, this sequel to the award-winning Splosion Man brings a host of new gameplay and features like ghost leaderboards, new mechanics, new bosses, extra gameplay modes, and tons of unlockable content.  Ms. Splosion Man retails for only 800 points and can be found on Xbox LIVE Arcade

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