Alganon Hits Europe, Free Transfers Available

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Today launched the Aeon Alganon server, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The new server, centrally located in Western Europe is for the convenience of players in the EU. This server can alganon enters Europebe accessed through the Europe tab on the world list, and players on any continent can choose to play on either the Aeon server (EU) or Matma’el (US).

Limited Free Transfer Period

For the next week (ending on July 19th) players will be able to choose to transfer to the Aeon server free of charge. Simply log into, choose the My Account option and then My Transfers. Follow the instructions to have your character immediately transferred to Aeon. Remember, after the 19th character transfers will again cost 1363 Tribute, so grab it while it’s free!

Upcoming Events

  • July 16-17 GM Event:

    GMs vs. Players Keep Battles! GMs will be on hand wreaking havoc by attacking and defending keeps! Join in the fray and take on our GMs. For additional info on this event, visit the forums.

  • July 29-31 Double XP Weekend:

    Experience and Renown gained in combat are doubled.

  • August 5 Bur Clasp:

    Big Dig Released: The Test of Faith version of The Big Dig will be opened for play.

  • August 12-14 GM Event:

    Scavenger Hunt: Players will get a list of NPCs to photograph, items to collect, and places to visit. The winners will receive great in-game prizes.

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