MicroVolts Charges Up with Recharge Update

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 Rock Hippo Productions Ltd  released a "Summer Recharge" patch for the online
cartoon style third-person action shooter, MicroVolts.   The latest patch includes a brand new map, new weapons and all new content for the summer season. Explore the new map and Microvolts updatefeature the characters sporting the new weapons, parts and accessories. In addition, MicroVolts is celebrating with its first-ever MicroVolts Clan Tournament, "Clan Clash", from July 15 - August 11.

MicroVolts is celebrating summer in style with a brand new map, Magic Paper Land and  all-new weapons such as the Thunder Grenade Launcher and Hornet Rifle.  The "Summer Recharge" patch also includes hot summer items such as a Pink Polka Dot Bikini that is sure to heat up
the battlefield!  For players looking for even more bonuses and special privileges can check out the new rewards available through the Battery Charge Program.  Players who complete certain objectives, such as joining a clan or reaching 100 forum posts, can unlock rewards such as a 30-day Rock Hippo Costume Set or the coveted ability to cast polls and post videos in MicroVolts forums.

MicroVolts is also hosting the first-ever MicroVolts Clan Tournament, "Clan Clash", from July 15 - August 11th.  Clans will battle it out for a 1st place prize of 18, 000 Rock Tokens and a 7-day Happy Pack accessory item!

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