US Nintendo Downloads Week of 15 July 2011

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Netflix comes to the Nintendo DS consolesas a download today in the eShop, seems sort of silly, right?

Nintendo eShop Nintendo eShop and DSiWare  
Netflix Extreme Hangman 2  
This free downloadable application allows Netflix members with an unlimited streaming plan, a Nintendo 3DS™ system and a broadband Internet connection to instantly watch TV shows and movies on their Nintendo 3DS.
(For Nintendo 3DS)
Extreme Hangman 2
If you guess the word correctly, the hangman lives. If you guess wrong, the hangman dies. You’re only allowed a limited number of misses, so guess carefully.
(For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi)
Nintendo eShop and DSiWare Nintendo eShop  
AfterZoom Game & Watch  
AfterZoom turns the camera of your Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS system
into a virtual microscope. Explore your surroundings and discover new forms
of life.

(For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi)
Game & Watch™ Gallery
Enjoy four different games from the classic Game & Watch Gallery series: Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic. Original and revised versions of each game are included.
(For Nintendo 3DS)

There are a couple so called non-featured items as well:



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