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The Rise of Immortals betas continues to rise in popularity and so Petroglyph wanted to make sure we were all in the know on what’s going on so here’s a run down of all the important stuff.

Country Exclusive SkinsCool country skins in rise of immortals

Want to show your national pride with a maple leaf, union jack or stars and stripes shield? Now you can? All others will be included eventually.

As a new era of Rise of Immortals is ushered in by the opening of the beta to the public, RoiReplays.com & Petroglyph Games are proud to announce the first Rise of Immortals Beta Tournament. Petroglyph has provided some great prizes, we plan to have live commentary and some guest appearances from the community at large to make this an exciting kick off to the competitive Rise of Immortals scene!

◦#1 - $200 of ingame currency + tshirt/mousepad/ 2 signed copies of games* per person
◦#2 - $50 of ingame currency + tshirt/mousepad/ 1 signed copy of a game per person
◦#3 - tshirt/mousepad/ 1 signed copy of a game per person
*You can choose between Universe at War, Empire at War and Graxia(non-signed, as it is Online only)

First open beta tournament (still accepting signups!) to start this Sunday, July 17th at Noon PST: http://www.riseofimmortals.com/forums/topic/1917-gamereplays-open-beta-tournament/

Open beta developer podcast

"The Immortals: Talking About Open Beta":

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