Playstation Home Updates 16 July 2011

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Step into the Octagon with the new UFC space hitting PlayStation Home this week. Earn points by participating in a variety of free to play mini-games and redeem them to gain a plethora of rewards! You can collect profile cards of your favourite fighters, featuring an image, vital statistics and background information just for being in the space. Trade them with your friends to complete each book and then cash them in for points.


Testing your knowledge of the UFC, crunching your abdominal muscles and burning your way through press-ups in the space will also add to your score. If you prefer to train in private away from prying eyes, you can also purchase your own personal gym with the brand new UFC personal apartment, alongside punching bags and speed balls. Finally there’s an array of UFC posters featuring some of the biggest names in UFC and commemorating some of the biggest match ups of all time.


Over in the Shopping Centre you can find the latest release of Paris-inspired clothing in Threads, including some Classical, Victorian and Fantasy themed outfits,. To mark the anniversary of the Coconut Dodge PSN mini, Futurlab bring us some awesome new outfits to go nuts about! Available in the Alter Ego store now.


If you haven’t collected your free PlayStation Home Welcome Back package, be sure to head over to the teddy in Home Square and bag all of your goodies before 28th July.

News just in from SEGA: The Virtua Tennis 4 Baseline Battle game has been featuring in PlayStation Home in Home Square throughout the European Grand Slam tennis season as an added extra for any fans of the series.
We’re now delighted to be able to offer a free Virtua Tennis apartment space to anyone who mastered the game and registered a score of 11,000 points or more. Visit Home Square between 14th – 21st July to claim your free apartment.
Virtua Tennis 4 was released on PlayStation 3 on April 29th and has a host of new features including a brand new World Tour and Move compatibility. There are two demos available on PlayStation Network, where gamers to try out both of these new features. The Move demo is also in stunning 3D as well if you’re lucky enough to own a 3D TV. Check them out now and thanks for playing Baseline Battle.

Hudson releases their Bonk Living Space this week into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. Based upon the classic Bonk titles of yore, this highly-stylized personal space (and assorted clothing and furniture items) is a true must-have for PlayStation Home collectors and fans of this cartoonish caveman, known across the world for his tendency to headbutt each and every thing that dare cross his path. Pick yours up this Thursday from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall!

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives another update this week when HomeCast Rewind returns to cover the latest Aurora update and new Konami and LOOT items. Next up, PSTALENT.COM launches its third episode of The Spotlight where Director_On_Duty has tragedy befall him, and leaves us with a nail-biting cliffhanger. Finally, PSXextreme brings a little historical overview of the Call of Duty franchise and its long-standing impact on the gaming industry.

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