Bounty Bay Online Offers New Ship Improvement System

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Bounty Bay Online is getting an update that offers a new way to keep you from outgrowing your old ships. Bounty Bay Online ship updates

The new content update ‘Raging Seas’, available on the 3rd of August, will give players three brand new ships as well as a completely new system to improve and upgrade ships. The ship improvement system allows up to four special items to be placed in various ship slots, which improve the rudder, medicine deck, the durability of the ship’s hull, or increase cannon range, amongst others.

These improvement items can be attained as rewards for successfully surviving the new ‘Naval Battle of Gravelines’ group instance or purchased from a Port Master in Atlantis using in-game currency who will then upgrade the vessel with the newly received upgrades. The items are divided into various quality levels and are colour coded. The more items are slotted into the ship, the more powerful it becomes. Captains from far and wide will be able to tell the vessel’s superiority by the colour of the ship name.

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