APB Reloaded Patch 1.5.2 Kicks Off Second Open Beta

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Patch 1.5.2 is now live, and it officially begins the start of Open Beta Phase 2! Many of the Open Beta 2 changes will dramatically change the way you play the game and it sets the foundation for some exciting improvements coming in the future. So much has changed in fact that we’re going to need your help in making sure that everything is tuned and balanced just right. Help us by providing your feedback on Facebook and on the official forums.

APB reloaded second open beta

Here’s a small taste of what is waiting for you the next time you log-in:

  • Improved Matchmaking & Opposition - The matchmaking system has been completely overhauled and now integrates your skill rating when creating matchups.
  • District Recommendation will place you automatically in the best matched district for your skill level when you select the main district buttons from the main district select screen.
  • Revamped Missions - We’ve made updates and completely re-written over 60 missions, and removed several missions that just weren’t that fun.
  • Action System Improvements - Shooting now outranks ever other action, including sprinting. We’ve also reworked animations to give you a smoother and more realistic play experience.

This patch brings some of the biggest changes to APB Reloaded since Open Beta began. Once again, your feedback is vital in the process of balancing everything this new patch brings to APB Reloaded. Be part of the future of APB Reloaded and start playing today. You can get the full patch notes by clicking the button below now!

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