MapleStory Ice Knight Update Coming Tomorrow

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Nexon is set to unleash the Ice Knight upon Maple World, building upon the previously released Age of Battle content update. As part of the Chaos series of summer content updates for maplestory ice knight updateMapleStory, the Ice Knight adds an entirely new PVP game mode to Nexon’s side-scrolling action MMO.

Ice Knight is a king of the hill-style game mode where players band together to battle the fearsome Ice Knight. Ten players can start a match through the PVP area, Battle Square. When the match begins, one of the players is chosen at random to become the Ice Knight, and is then pitted against the nine other players. The Ice Knight receives a massive boost in power and has several unique abilities that can be unleashed when the Ice Gauge fills up. The heroes have 7 minutes to take down the Ice Knight before time runs out, which will be a challenging task.

Exclusive MapleStory Content for Global MapleStory Players

So far this summer, the Chaos updates have brought Maplers the Age of Heroes, the Age of Artisans and the Age of Battle. Now there are whispers of the Age of Triumph coming to Maple World. Rumors abound of a new age where new quests, rewards and battle modes are revealed. What does the future hold for Maple World? Stay tuned for what new challenges await!

To participate in the new battle mode and help defend against the Ice Knight or become one yourself, visit:

Become the Ice Knight!
If you are chosen as the Ice Knight, you will be given immense power. Your strength will prevent the other players from knocking you back, and you will be able to perform a double jump that covers great distances. 

As the Ice Knight attacks its enemies, the Ice Gauge will grow, represented by a number of slots. As the Ice Gauge fills up, the Ice Knight can perform a variety of devastating skills: 

• Ice Chop – Swing your frosty axe to attack multiple enemies and knock them back. Cost: 5 slots. 
• Ice Smash – Raise your sword to attack and freeze many foes. Cost: 20 slots. 
• Ice Tempest – Cast an ice storm as an area-of-effect for continuous damage. Cost: 40 slots. 
• Ice Curse – Have a chance to transform one or more enemies into snails. Cost: 60 slots.

Can you defeat the ferocious Ice Knight? To succeed, you must combine your strength – up to 9 players can band together and share HP & MP pots to take on the Ice Knight. But, you must be quick! If after 7 minutes the Ice Knight still lives, then you have failed.

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