Steam Updates and Releases 30 July 2011

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Here’s the last 24 hours of what is new on Steam. It is Saturday and the weather is decent, should you not be outside...doing something active? Hell no! Tons of great games to be played!
Announcement - Valve
Today’s Deal: Save 66% off Ride! Carnival Tycoon

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Product Update - Valve

Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Left 4 Dead 2
Fixed Poll Question

Now Available - The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 03:16 PM PDT

The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff is now available on Steam!

The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff introduces venues complete with dozens of new objects to give your Sims’ town and homes a makeover. Customize a new library, an exclusive gym, a fun playground, or a fresh laundry room. Your Sims get more than new décor and style options—they get new community venues, like Scrumptious Nibbles Café, for your Sims to visit too!

Pre-Purchase Now: From Dust

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 02:25 PM PDT

From Dust is now available for Pre-purchase on Steam.

Immerse yourself in a world as exotically beautiful as it is dangerous! You control the destiny of a primitive tribe against the backdrop of a world in constant evolution—a universe where mighty Nature reclaims what is hers; and your mastery of the elements is your people’s only chance of survival...

Plus, pre-purchasers will receive the "Mask of the Shaman" to wear in Team Fortress 2!

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 02:17 PM PDT

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Team Fortress 2

  • Added From Dust promotional content.
  • Fixed a problem with the application of team-colored paints.
  • Fixed Mac-only replay editor crash.
  • “Meet the Medic” startup music added.
  • Definitely did not add cheats for upcoming Free-2-Play Invitational Cup.

Now Available - Supreme Ruler: Cold War, 10% off!

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 01:32 PM PDT

Supreme Ruler: Cold War, the sequel to Supreme Ruler 2020, is now available on Steam!

As leader of the United States or the Soviet Union, you must make the correct Economic, Diplomatic, Domestic and Military decisions to successfully navigate your country through the Cold War era.

Purchase before August 5th and save 10%!!

Tobe’s Vertical Adventure Updated

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 01:25 PM PDT

Reported Crash Fixed

  • Resolution : Resolution smaller than 1280 x 720 should now work
  • Disconnected Joypad : Game no longer crash when joypads are removed, but automatically switch to keyboard controls instead.
  • System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file : Fixed!
  • System.ArgumentNullException: Buffer cannot be null : Go to Steam Libary, right click on Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, select properties, and SET LAUNCH OPTIONS. Type in "-disableleaderboard" (without quotes).

Fixs, Tweaks & Updates

  • Volume control added
  • Time taken to escape is now shown in level select for all you overachiever
  • Key configuration : Clearer indication of the key you’re currently configurating, confirmation of key change and option to change back to default settings.
  • Key configuration : Clearer indication when player try to use a key that’s already in use
  • Joypad : Player 2 can use joypad while player 1 is uses his keyboard and vice versa
  • Reading Sign : We fixed the stupid error we created (d’oh!)

Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 12:50 PM PDT

Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Left 4 Dead 2

  • Encore Mutation: Taannnkkk

Daily Deal - Capsized 66% off!

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 10:00 AM PDT

Today’s Deal: Save 66% off Capsized

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New Release: E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, 10% off

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 09:28 AM PDT

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is now available on Steam. To celebrate, the game is 10% off until August 5th at 10AM Pacific time.

As a member of the strange secret society E.Y.E, you wake up after a fight in which your fellow teammates were killed. E.Y.E, an armed branch of the Secreta Secretorum is attempting a coup against the all-powerful Federation, a coalition of several worlds and planets that rule with an iron fist.

These troubles set the stage for an attack by an unknown force bent on destroying humankind.

New Release - Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 08:30 AM PDT

Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters is now available on Steam! To commemorate its release, the game will be available at 10% off now through August 4th.

Chantelise is a whimsical Action-RPG brought to you from the creators of the renowned Recettear ~ An Item Shop’s Tale. Search for treasures, fight challenging bosses, and delve deep into dungeons for loot and hours after hours of gameplay. There is fishing! Yes - fishing with collectible fish!

Five years ago, a witch’s curse beneath the red moon turned Chante into a fairy. Now she and her sister Elise search for a way to transform her back into a human, and in their travels they come across a particular town, which is home to a number of nearby ruins, as well as a peculiar shopkeeper named Aira, and a strange, mercurial fortune-teller who calls herself Elma. Could this place hold the key to returning Chante to normal? Or will it lead to more answers than our two sisters ever wanted to know?...

New Release - Super Street Fighter® IV: Arcade Edition Alternate Costume Pack DLCs

Posted: 29 Jul 2011 01:39 AM PDT

The long-awaited alternate costumes for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is now available on Steam!

Show everyone that you are not just the world’s strongest fighter, but also the most fashionable. There are 8 unique costume packs to choose from...or you can literally go all in, save a bundle, and become the ultimate fashionista by getting the All-in Costume Pack!

- Complete Femme Fatale Pack
- Complete Shoryuken Pack
- Arcade Challengers Pack
- Complete Challengers 1 Pack
- Complete Challengers 2 Pack
- Complete Classic Pack
- Complete Shadoloo Pack
- Complete Brawler Pack

War Inc. Battlezone Updated

Posted: 28 Jul 2011 05:31 PM PDT

  • tactician skill change
  • HUD: show colorful weapon icon, rather than grey outline
  • HUD: changed friendly tag color to blue
  • HUD: improved readability of player tag names
  • UAV: added assist reward
  • UAV targeting: keeps target marked as long as it is in a view of UAV
  • UAV view: showing HUD now, so able to chat and see what is going on a map
  • enabled player team colors (each team has patches of redlue on their armor now)
  • added sorting of items in store (up to 5 parameters for sorting including damage, fire rate, protection, price, etc)
  • Home: fixed "more..." buttons not working after pressing on them once
  • Armory: when you are modifying your loadout, you can press Esc to exit that screen and save your loadout right away.
  • Respawn: select closes spawn point to where you died
  • added more tips of the day
  • fixed a bug with skills in killed tag now showing proper skill icon
  • fixed a bug with grenades exploding in your hands if before that you died while throwing a grenade
  • sabotage: do not allow to arm/disarm bomb while throwing a grenade
  • crossroads: fixed battlezone near flag B
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