Diablo III to Use Real Currency Says Blizzard

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If you’ve an MMO player you know there are loads of services that attempt to circumvent the game and get you items and currency in the game in what the publishers usually see as illegal means. diablo iii, online only, real currency auctions

Blizzard, is taking direct aim at that by giving you an auction house, a la eBay, that will let you use real-world currency to obtain in game items. At the very least, it will cut down on the gold-selling spam in the game but on the flip side, it will certainly give those gold and item farms loads of reasons to up their game, get all the good gear and then spam the chat channels with auction announcements.

Blizzard has stated that there will also be gold-based auction houses, so there will probably still be floods of auction spam. Trading will all be done by users, and there will be no Blizzard-populated auctions or houses.

The real currency auction income can then be turned into Battle.net products, WoW subscriptions or be pulled out as cash via some third-party partners Blizzard has lined up. Fees will be assessed for putting items up for auction, actually selling the items and, of course, for withdrawing funds.

This does not mean that the same system will come to WoW as Blizzard has openly stated that the gameplay is too different. They have also said they will not add mobile phone support for the auction houses.

Still no word on when the game will be finished though it is currently in beta testing and it’s possible that it could still see an official release by the end of the year. October seems to be shaping up as a big month for some games, perhaps it will drop around there, in time for everyone to get invested in the game for the holidays.

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