EA Sports Season Ticket Service Details Revealed

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While EA Sports openly stated that this is not a way to make, "a profit in the early going," it certainly seems to be just that from the content they are delivering.EA Season Tickets

The Season Ticket program for the four major EA Sports franchises: FIFA, NFL, NHL and Tiger Woods is supposed to add value to the gaming experience, but doesn’t really seem to have its own value.

The cost is 2000 MSP ($25) per year and gives you four exclusive features in return:

  • Download and play the full, latest version of each game three days prior to release (but you must then, on launch day, buy the actual game to continue playing).
  • 20% off on all EA Sports DLC packs
  • Free premium web content
  • A membership recognition badge (which will probably say SUCKER! -Ed.)

Does that sound like it’s worth $25? If you buy one sports game a year, then you might buy all the DLC for some $30-50. At $50 that would be a savings of $10. The three-day full-game demo doesn’t really have any tangible value since you can’t then keep playing it without buying the full game. The membership badge is completely without value and the premium web content would have to be based on how much you consume and what they are generally attempting to charge for it regularly in addition to what it specifically is.

I suppose the question is, who did they ask to arrive at that value for the content? More specifically, perhaps they should think about including all of the gameplay in the game before first asking us to shell out $60 yearly for a new, rehashed, sports title and then $30 in DLC for extras, which should have been included in the game in the first place. Unless you were to buy all the DLC for all four games, it just doesn’t seem like it’s got much, if any, value at present.

The Season Ticket will be available in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for Xbox 360, and North America for PlayStation 3.

Overall, it’s just poor form as far as we’re concerned. It’s like they first berated others (Activision) for some of their practices, then simply adapted the exact same thing for their own games.

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