New iPlayer App from BBC Launches on PS3

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The new version of the iPlayer App, which is launching initially on the PS3, which has run the browser-based version of iPlayer since 2008, has been built from the ground up and includes new several features, such as viewer recommendations and a sleeker interface.The new version has been designed specifcally to be used in the living room, allowing users to get more of a ’TV-like’ experience, by having viewers flick between the channels and content.

The new version will reach some six million UK owners of Sony’s PS3, replacing the previously available iPlayer services on the console. Figures show that online BBC viewers made an astounding 157 million programme requests on the iPlayer in June. This is a 34% rise on the same month last year.

In a move away from the traditional colour scheme and design of the iPlayer, the BBC are set to unveil some new changes to the aesthetics in the coming days and weeks. Will you miss the pink and black look of the iPlayer, or are you happy for something fresher? “I’m not religious about colours. There will be an evolution in the look and feel – but it’s evolutionary not revolutionary," said Daniel Danker, the BBC’s general manager of programmes and on demand.

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