Valve Enters Into Social Gaming Arena with Tradable In-Game Gifts

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Valve is pushing Steam in the social gaming realm with its latest beta which is all about users gifting of virtual items. The beta is only live in Team Fortress 2 but reports say that Portal 2 will be coming soon. Valve begins in-game gifting beta

But it’s more than just in-game gifts thankfully, it also allows for the re-gifting of gift and extra copies of games. Those can be traded with other gamers, but only if unopened, so that doesn’t mean you can play the game then trade it away, because that would cut far too deeply into their bottom line. In fact, the only place where you can do that currently would be Green Man Gaming, to the best of our knowledge.

Is this a way to continue profit margin growth or truly a service for the gamers? Blizzard recently announced an online auction house for Diablo 3 that met with some Tsking from the gamer community, along with their always online announcement.

It doesn’t seem likely that most gamers will be buying and gifting things to strangers so it’s going to generally be just within your circle of friends. Extra and gift copies of games are certainly handy and being able to trade them away, in case you don’t want or already have the game, would be extremely handy. But again, seems like it will be extremely limited in scope.

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