Dinosaurs Rampage Through City in Project Blackout

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The dinosaurs not only escaped from the island prison to invade the new city map, Uptown, but the Velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex are joined by Sting, a fearsome new predator in the dinosaur fray.Sting runs rampant Uptown in Project Blackout

Still tasked with escaping the deadly dinosaur hunters, the new Uptown map will give players a whole new take on strategy as narrow corridors and alleyways prove to be vital escape routes or deadly choke points. While the humans may be able to outwit the raptors on the city grid, there’s still the matter of the last line of the dinosaur’s defense - the T-Rex. As if that weren’t enough, the new dinosaur, Sting, brings some interesting gameplay twists:

Sting - the first long-range dinosaur for Project Blackout’s Dino Mode is capable of doing massive damage to multiple opponents. Sting comes with two devastating attacks:

  • Acid Spit: a deadly ranged attack that fires a jet of poison mucus at enemies
  • Poison Bomb: a concentrated poison gas cloud that does area of effect damage that also snares and blinds enemies

Die hard players can also collect the Human Training Card Set by completing various missions in Dino Mode. Ace attackers who get this card set will win bragging rights and a Dual Boneknife (1 Day). Players new to Project Blackout’s mission system can try the brand new Grunt Mission Card Set for beginners designed by SG Interactive’s own GM_Loki. 

Project Blackout, the newest hardcore online FPS from SG Interactive, tests gamers’ skills with fast-paced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times. The graphics, stereo sound effects, and camera effects will put players in the middle of the action and test their skills at a whole new level. Challenges await even the most veteran soldiers as deadly packs of player-controlled dinosaurs hunt them around every corner.

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