F1 2011 Questions Answered

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The Playstation 3 blog put out the call for questions to ask the F1 2011 team and was swamped. Here are some of them reprinted from the blog and a link to a whole lot more.F1 2011 questions answered

the_ghost__NL: what can we do in the co-op mode?

Co-op Mode enables you to play through a single season alongside a friend. Imagine the single-player experience (minus the paddock) with your friend as team-mate. It brings an entirely new dimension to Practice, Qualifying and Race sessions… can you win the Constructor’s together?

Tom_Sheldon: Is the co-op championship available online or just split-screen only?

Co-op is only available Online. Elements of it are too complex system for Split-Screen

mylandro_: Will the ability to save more than four or five car setups at a time be added – perhaps one dry/wet per track?

The save system is the same as 2010 but the Quick Car Setup allows Dry-Adaptable-Wet bias.

jamespurdy: Will F1 2011 include safety cars?

I’m never asked this question! What I can tell you is that it will never include a number of Safety Cars.

Scorpion760: Will engineers and pit crew change depending on which team you are driving for this time?

Yes, the team personnel now change when you switch teams.

mylandro_: How has KERS been implemented and how does it impact gameplay – specifically in local/online multiplayer games?

KERS does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s true to real life. So what you see the drivers doing on TV you can do in-game. I tend to save KERS when being chased in a race so that I can try and counter the chasing driver’s use of DRS.

mylandro_: Are there any other new modes added to this year’s game, such as a Spectator Mode to sim races or saved replays?

Yes, we’ve new modes like Co-op Championship which enables you and a friend to play out a season as team-mates versus the AI. We’ve also new modes in Time Attack, Split-Screen, Spectator Mode… plenty of new things to enjoy!

Scorpion760: Can you please put in all the full rules for longer races, like safety cars? Or at least have the option to turn them on or off?

Safety Car? Never heard of it.

AndyDYoung: Will F1 2011 feature the podium?

We considered the podium but that’s been done to death in Formula One games so, for this year, we’ve included Parc Ferme which is more immediate and personal.

JonHamley: Are we able to design our own helmets or are they preset?

You can’t design your own helmets this year (might add this when it would be seen more often) but we have dropped the nationality helmet designers in favour of original creations.

BlaZeeexD: Can you find out just how the Career mode has been changed/reworked: interviews, contracts etc?

I can find out for you! Quite a lot of the fundamental systems have been reworked to eradicate some of the things people didn’t like last year. It works far better now and is much more enjoyable.

justingt5: Is there going to be more comprehensive timing info than in F1 2010?

Yes, timing is key in Formula One and the 2011 game reflects this. Biggest change is the On-Screen Display; it’s a million times better this year.

HurricaneHaines: Sirs, Will we get to view other cars when we have completed a race, rather than staring at a static leaderboard?

Yes, you can now view the cars as you wait via the all-new Spectator Mode!

FakeJensButton: Is the KERS battery red?

Once it was green, now it’s red

Muerte75: What improvements have been made to the AI?

This year a new system has been put in place to enable the AI to consider and act upon several things at once. Last year we had difficulties making the AI competitive on the hardest difficulty but this year… well… they are fast!

mickeycarty: Could we have the Official FIA intro like here http://t.co/gDgV1hl in the game?

Unfortunately, that is not in this year’s game but one for the future if they allow it!

AshWoody90: This time, is there going to be the facility to save the game midway through a race?

There is no mid-race saves in 2011 but with the all new handling you will go so much faster, you’ll not want to save!

FakeJensButton: KERS malfunctions in the game?

Yes, KERS, DRS and other elements can malfunction.

JourneyTH: Will the co-op campaign be only a season long or will the amount of seasons be adjustable?

It’s a single season, which can be quite a long time if you factor in Practice and Qualifying.

theFakeVettel: Will my pointy finger make an appearance on the game?

We’re sending a free copy to Vettel so you’ll be able to find out soon enough.

F1archives: Will there be retro F1 DLC?

This is something we desperately want to include but I’m sure you can imagine it’s a bit of a licensing nightmare. We’re working on it.

MattMarquard: Has the crash damage improved? And if it’s not in this game, proper deforming tyre barriers would be cool. Almost like in Grid.

We’re balancing the damage so the cars are more fragile but as for an overhaul of the damage system, we’d like to, but feel there are bigger things to tackle first.

Liffonmelsmork: Have the long waits in the pits been fixed?

Yes, fixed! Entirely new pit system was implemented after we reviewed last years work.

Stormcat13: In what detail has the dynamic weather been improved?

The visuals better match the actual track conditions. An amazing sky system has been included so you can see the weather coming in and changing conditions. It does often look beautiful!

harrytulloch: Apart from 24 cars online, what other new features will there be for online racing

The Race Engineer is now available online so you’re not left in the dark like you were last year. Co-Op Championship enables you to play with a friend through a season as team-mates. Spectator Mode means you’re not left staring at results waiting for others to finish.

Kandol20: When loading a race, could the chain (Fleetwood Mac) be heard as opposed to a generic tune?

We’ve looked into this but there are issues around it. I’d like to see it included… one day!

Stormcat13: Did you fix the 3rd sector time on the display when in the garage? All other drivers came up but not the player. Major problem!

Yes, this was fixed

Scorpion760: Will there be a system similar to ‘Autolog’ that will let you challenge friends to lap times etc, to enhance Multiplayer?

There is something similar, built around challenging friends.

clarkbatfan: Have you got a new penalty system?

Yes! And a new designer to look after this system! It’s very complex but an improvement over ’10.

adrianhui: Will drivers get control of the car in the pit lane or is it still fixed path.

You can opt to have more control or leave it on automatic.

MickyFer: In the game will there be the audible ‘beep’ that an F1 driver gets through their headset when a gear-shift is required?

No, as this isn’t needed in the game as you can easily hear the engine and see the on-screen indicators. Besides, it’d become annoying and interfere with the beep we use for DRS availability in races.

Read the rest of the questions and answers.

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