Hedone Heads to Closed Beta August 24th

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German development studio ACON announced that the closed beta for their FPS Hedone is set for August 24th. Gamers around the world will be able to get their first look at the game as servers open for selected beta testers.hedone set for closed beta

In preparation for this event the official Hedone website will be live from today. Players can apply for the beta, learn more about the game and sign up for the newsletter.

Hedone the Game

Imagine that the whole world knows your face and name. You have achieved things that others merely dream about, but you want more. The ultimate rush. Your life is your stage. Hedone is your life.

The game captivates with its incredibly high quality, its limitless options for customization, and a background story with all the makings of a Hollywood film!

The concept behind the game is simple – fame at any cost! In the world of Hedone, your top priority is celebrity. The gamer enters the arena of a combat game show that is aired worldwide for the ultimate thrill, then satisfies his or her craving for personal glory in a fast-moving, action-packed firefight televised live to fans all around the world. Players can continuously improve and customise their character and gain access to exotic and experimental weapons systems as they fight.

Hedone the Concept

The FPS is being reinvented with a new twist. With its unique setting and back-story, Hedone offers a very different experience to other FPS games. “Hedone is one-of-a-kind and was designed to set itself apart from the mass of military shooters that always returned to the same settings and systems”, André Herbst, a founding partner at ACONY, says about the new game. “Our ambitious development team is composed of more than 50 games industry veterans from over 12 nations. Together we have created an innovative game that definitely has the potential to revolutionize the online FPS market.”

Hedone was developed by FPS enthusiasts with the vision of offering a product displaying all the quality of a full-price title free of charge. Hedone fulfills all the expectations placed on a next-generation AAA F2P FPS game and features a dedicated client-server environment to ensure that gameplay experience is not compromised. ACONY intends to create a completely new community experience for FPS gamers worldwide.

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