New GamesCom 2011 Naval War: Arctic Circle Trailer

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Nations are struggling for control over the world’s oil supply and attention is turning to the widely uncharted Artic for untapped resource deposits - war will soon be upon us. naval war arctic circle

Paradox Interactive and Turbo Tape Games today unveiled a teaser trailer for their upcoming maritime RTS Naval War: Arctic Circle, a naval strategy title expected to be released in Q2 2012.

Naval War: Arctic Circle will challenge players as they navigate the world’s deadliest ocean vying for dominance and complete control of the arctic seas, strategically controlling naval units above, below and on the surface of the frigid waters. The time has come where global peace has expired and tactical warfare is the only means to secure the treasures of icy depths. Will you be able to reign over the waters in the struggle for the valuable resources in the Arctic?

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