gamecity: Hamburg Reports 500 Jobs Open in Gaming Sector There

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Hamburg is the original home of our CEO’s favorite band, KMFDM, and is a great place to visit he says. It’s also a major games industry center in Europe it seems as a new report from gamecity: Hamburg, the largest regional network of the games industry in Germany and has over 2,000 members, reported that 383 new positions were created since the summer of 2010 another 500 jobs will be added by the end of 2011.

hamburg games job market

A continuing upward trend has been evident since 2004. While Hamburg’s gaming industry counted some 1,900 permanent employees in 2009, the number of jobs subject to social insurance contribution has since increased by 600. Online game developers in particular have been showing above-average growth, and the 75 game developers and publishing companies based in Hamburg constitute the largest employment segment. The overwhelming majority of these companies are currently seeking additional talent.

who makes up the games industry in Hamburg

In Hamburg, six major companies, each with a staff of more than 100, account for half of the 2,510 permanent jobs. Yet in addition to this, the industry initiative gamecity:Hamburg is achieving much success with its comprehensive service offering in attracting small, up-and-coming games enterprises to Hamburg from all over the country. In all, 102 companies with no more than ten employees were recorded in this years job market survey. Stefan Klein, Managing Director of gamecity:Hamburg explains: "Our annual industry survey allows us to collect valuable information and feedback on the work we do. We also ask the companies to participate in a site ranking, where we pay particular attention to what the newly located businesses report. The fact that Hamburg is ranked ahead of all other federal states every year is not a matter of course. To us, it is the measure of our efforts."

It’s good to see that some areas in the gaming industry are prosperous and we wish our Hamburg friends the best of luck and look forward to great new games from the likes of gamigo, SplitScreen and Fish Labs. It’s also apparently a haven for small business, check out this chart.

games industry by company size in hamburg

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