Thrustmaster TH8 RS Gear Shift Speeds Toward PC and PS3

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Thrustmaster is launching the TH8 RS – a high-end, stand-alone, versatile gearbox. The device’s two configurations – H-pattern and sequential – enable drivers to select their favorite driving style.TH8 RS gear shift

Most sim racers cannot imagine shifting speeds without the use of a dedicated gearbox. With the TH8 RS, featuring unrivalled technical innovations supported by pending patent applications, Thrustmaster now offers a device that is realistic enough to satisfy even the most demanding drivers.

At first glance, the TH8 RS looks ready to be fitted to a real car. It features a 5.12‖ tall stick with a removable knob; the stick is also compatible with real, universal gear shift knobs. The TH8 RS includes two interchangeable shift plates, each suited to a specific configuration – ―H-pattern‖ (7 gears plus 1 reverse gear) and ―Sequential‖ (pull the lever towards the ―+‖ mark to gear up, and push it towards the ―–‖ mark to shift down). Total adjustability:

To allow users to freely adjust the TH8 RS to their convenience, the position and the rotation angles of the shift plate and clamping system can be adjusted by 360 degrees. The removable clamping system, optimized for any type of support, is also open to customization: it is suited to both table tops and shelves up to 55 mm thick and cockpits alike (built-in ―screw threads‖ are located under the TH8 RS). Gear strokes can also be adjusted via a downloadable PC application and the device’s internal memory. The gear shifter’s resistance is also fully adjustable.

The internal mechanism, the lever, the outer housing and the clamping system are 100% metal. This robust design significantly contributes to the extremely realistic in-game experience delivered by the TH8 RS.

Thrustmaster has designed the TH8 RS with unrivalled precision, by including H.E.A.R.T (Hall Effect AccuRate Technology) technology featuring magnetic sensors. Avoiding usage of potentiometers or tact switches eliminates wear due to contact, thus delivering an unlimited product lifespan. In addition, the firmware can be upgraded to offer all foreseeable evolutions, assuring users that the TH8 RS is here to make a lasting impression.

The TH8 RS with USB connectivity is compatible with the T500 RS racing wheel on PlayStation 3 (a list of compatible games is available on the Thrustmaster support website) and with all currently available racing wheels for PC.

The TH8 RS will be available in October at the suggested retail price of $179.99 YEOW!

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