Pinball FX 2 Set to Splode August 31st, Girl Style

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Zen Studios announced that Ms. Splosion Man, the pinball table, is set to splode your Xbox 360 the final day of August.

Their latest pinball table based on Twisted Pixels’ hit, Ms. Splosion Man, will splsploding pinballs to commence end of augustode to Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusively on August 31, 2011. Featuring the lovely Ms. Splosion Man, the Mighty Eternal, and plenty of Big Science characters, the Ms. Splosion Man table will release as part of the Pinball FX2 library for 240 Microsoft Points.

Set in the crazy labs of Big Science, the latest tests in experimental science have gone all wrong, and Ms. Splosion Man must splode her way through obstacles utilizing the latest in tech gadget innovation in her quest to free Splosion Man from the grips of evil scientists. Featuring plenty of interactive 3D characters and objects pulled directly from the Ms. Splosion Man game, players will complete sets of sploding missions and combos, culminating in a final battle with Mighty Eternal.

Ms. Splosion Man will seamlessly integrate into the Pinball FX2 platform on Xbox LIVE Arcade, with full social feature support. Ms. Splosion Man will also feature new Achievements, operators menu and rule sheet.  

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