Genius Casts Spell Over Gamers with Wizard Stick

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You might be all fancy and call it a wand, but Genius, calls it a Wizard Stick. Alright, it is not really a wand, it is a wireless motion-sensitive joystick in actuality. The Wizard Stick is a wireless motion joystick with G-sensor  which allows you to play PC games with motion sensitive control.

  • Includes SEGA Virtua Tennis 2009
  • Includes 16 flash games on website 
  • D-pad can control PC cursor
  • Includes AIWI gaming platform: use iPhone, Android or iPod Touch as an extra motion joystick
  • Plug & Play 
  • Availability: Now in USA & Canada
  • MSRP: US$59.90

Wanna take a ride on this wizard stick? (sorry, we had to go there)

genius PC motion control wizard stick

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