Mythos Gets Set for Region 4, Level Cap Boost, New Dungeons

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Mythos is set to expand this week with another region, the numerically named Region 4, which brings with it a level cap increase (55), new dungeons (23) and more.

The dawn of a new age is upon us and the landscape of Uld will never be the same again. As this momentous occasion approaches, here is an exclusive sneak preview of some of the fantastic changes that, in September, will make your Mythos experience even more terrifying.

mythos region 4

Fog Island of Terror

Shrouded in obscurity, the Fog Island of Terror awaits you. Explore the ancient vestiges of past kingdoms as you venture forth into the castles of the mighty rulers Vyle and Neperta. Fight at their side in an adrenaline-pumping battle against an army of warriors and champions sent forth by Nerghaal, dark lord of the Undead and supreme master of this land. As you defy fate in this ghastly realm, you will also stumble upon the ruins of Ard where you may challenge his mighty champions in truly epic battles. But all the blood, sweat and tears that you will shed in the deathly fogs and 23 brand new dungeons of a foul island under the iron grip of this villainous warlord will not be in vain: Mighty item sets, an increased level cap to 55 and new achievements await you in your quest for power.

The Aurora Crystal Defensive Fight

Enter the Trashed Arena and pit your wits and your mettle against the relentless forces of the Discordia. Protect the Aurora Crystal at all costs against wave after wave of monstrous legions. Reap both power and glory by joining the Uld Alliance in an epic battle in the Land of the Dead.

Skills and crafting 2.0:

Following a great deal of work and consideration, this new update to Mythos will see skills receiving quite a lot of attention: Cooldowns will be decreased or eliminated altogether, effects rebalanced, and damage modified. Discover a new and improved character in the wake of this latest skill update! Furthermore, crafting has been entirely reworked and will reward those players who commit themselves to the creation of items. Ingredients needed in the process will reflect the overall level of the crafter in a more suitable manner than ever before.

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