Dragon Saga Expands Into the Darkness

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The Dragon Fellowship has discovered a previously lost continent in the Sky, containing, the Dragonkin, a new race of possible heroes in the latest DRAGON SAGA expansion: “New Origins: Into the Darkness”, releasing September 1st, 2011 More information can be found at www.playdragonsaga.comnew origins for dragon saga enters the darkness

The New Origins expansion will introduce a continent previously untouched by the outside world of Dragon Saga. Players will have the option of playing as a Human or a member of the new race, Dragonkin, and choosing from one of the four Human classes; Archer, Mage, Thief, and Warrior, or two new Dragonkin classes of Shaman and Twin Fighter. Allies are not all this new continent holds as new monsters and other villainous creatures await.

Alongside the new classes and race comes:

  • 2 New Dungeons with 2 new boss monsters–

    • Elga & Akanai

  • Pets, which can be used as mounts!

  • All new Trade Chat

  • New Party Member Search System

  • 5 new mission maps

  • New Item Sets

  • And more!

In : PC

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